About us

ALF. Professional. Innovative. 30 years experience

At ALF we pride ourselves on innovation. We search the world for new and exciting products to bring to the UK market to help the retailers stay one step ahead.

ALF has an ever-growing fleet of vehicles and one of the best sales teams in the business.

Our operation is backed up by a state of the art warehouse and a full telesales team.

ALF (Aquatic Distributors) Ltd was founded by Kevin Barton BEng Hons in 1988. Kevin had progressed from being a design engineer to studying chartered accountancy.

He then decided that rather than advising people on running their businesses he would buy one himself.

He purchased a small company which was supplying live food to the aquatic market. The company at the time was based in a small warehouse in Hitchin.

Kevin saw a gap in the market which just needed a bit of time, professionalism and 100% dedication.

30 years down the road and our industry is very different, our strategy remains the same which is to ensure that bricks and mortar stores survive the era of the internet, without shops, there would be no fish!




ALF (Aquatic Distributors) Limited