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The spec on the 34×15 is L864 X D381 X H383mm with total water volume of 114 litres. This gives you the gist of it.

UP34 features:
Level-o-matic™ adjustable spillway gate
Two-stage Duoflo filter sock chamber
Skimmer chamber
Built-in dosing lines
Probe holders
Switchable pipework holes
Auto top-off water chamber
Refugium chamber

Dimensions: L864 X D381 X H383mm (L34” x W15“ x H15”)
Skimmer Chamber: 326 x 365mm (13” x 14“)
Center/Refugium Chamber: 122 x 365mm (5” x 14”)
Return Pump Chamber: 202 x 365mm (8” x 14“)
Skimmer Water Level: 180 – 230mm (7” – 9”)
Auto Top-off Water Chamber: 9.0 litres / 2.4 gal
Total Water Volume: 114 litres / 30 gal
Drain Input Fittings: 2 (40mm or 1″)
4″ Filter Socks Length 9.45″: 1
4″ Filter Socks Length 14″: 1

For more information contact your sales rep if you are a store or message us if you are a consumer wanting to know where to get this collection of products!

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