Pond Flake Food


Naturally enhances your fish’s colour.
Specifically formulated to support health, easy digestion and long life.
Complimentary food for frog/toad tadpoles.

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Pond Flake Food

Pond flake food by Fish Science has a balanced diet for all pond fish under 20cm in length.
It naturally enhances the colour of your fish using Spirulina and Chlorella algae, paprika and shrimp.
The food is Specially formulated to support health, easy digestion and the long life of fish.
It contains natural ingredients to support your fishes health including Beta Glucans, Garlic and Omega 3 oils.
Fish Science pond flake food is also an ideal complimentary food for frogs and toad tadpoles.

Fun facts about fish

Coldwater fish can live for a surprisingly long time; rudd may live to be 12, while carp often make the ripe old age of 50.

The record for the longest lived goldfish is held by Tish, who died in 1999 – having lived for 43 years after first being won as a prize at a funfair in Yorkshire.

The longest goldfish in actual length measured 47.4cm (18.7 inches), snout to tail-end , so this is pretty impressive

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