Midwest Pearl Grey Dog Bed


• Keeps Pets Cool in the Summer, Warm in the Winter
• Folds for Storage and Travel
• Comfortable Polyester-Filled Bolsters
• Completely Machine Washable
• Cushioned Poly/Cotton Base
• Ideal for Use in Crates, Carriers, Dog House, Vehicles

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Midwest Pearl Grey Dog Bed

MidWest’s Quiet Time Bolster Beds are the perfect addition to any home with a pet. The Bolster pet bed provides the perfect area for your pet to call his/her own. The Quiet Time Pet Bed is stain resistant and completely machine washable. The bolster bed collection offers a slightly raised side so making your pet feel really secure.

Quiet Time Pet Beds are made from ultra soft synthetic sheepskin and have a cushioned cotton base with comfortable Polyester filled bolsters.

They are great for use in carriers, vehicles, and more!

Fun facts : 

Did you know that your dog is as clever as a 2 year old toddler ? They understand at least 250 of the same words and actions – how amazing is that ?

Did you know that the whiskers on your pet pick up change in air currents -this allows your dog to sense approaching dangers nearby , they can even do this when it is dark !

Did you know that dogs can hear 4 times as far as a human being ?

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