Cold Weather Pond Fish Food


All fish over 8cm
For use in sub 10°c temperatures
Contains natural ingredients to support the fish’s health

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Cold Weather Pond Fish Food

The Fish Science Cold Weather Pond Fish Food is a complete and nutritionally balanced diet for all pond fisIt should be used in water temperatures below 10°C. The food recreates the natural, insect based diet that pond fish would eat naturally in the winter.
Cold Weather pond fish food by Fish Science has been specially formulated with insect meal and wheatgerm and this will therefore ensure that there is easy digestion even at low temperatures.
There are many natural ingredients which will therefore support fish health including Beta Glucans and omega 3 oils .
The foods are Short sticks which are easily consumed by all pond fish 8cm and over in length

Fun facts about Koi

Most koi fish outlive their owners, having a lifespan of 200+ years.  There is even a legendary koi named Hanako that lived to be the oldest koi in history. Hanako was hatched in 1751 and lived to be 226 years old, passing away in 1977.  That’s a very long life span!  However, most koi live 30-40 years.

So In Japan, koi fish are frequently passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom.

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