Aqua Medic Silica Gel For Ozone Booster Refill


Aquamedic Silica Gel for Ozone booster refill

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Aqua Medic Silica Gel for Ozone booster refill

Silica gel is a dry granulate formulae with a high de-hydration capacity . The pearls change from yellow to blue if they become wet

This is a 1 Litre refill tub

These are for use with the Aqua Medic Ozone Booster

The air dryer is for use with any Aqua Medic Ozone Generators.

Ozone output can decrease dramatically if the supply air is very humid.

Ozone Booster should be used to dry the air, particularly if a protein skimmer is supplied with ozone using the humid air present in the aquarium cabinet.

In some circumstances ozone production can be almost doubled.

The unit utilises silicagel as the drying component.

The silicagel should be changed as soon as the indicator beads change their colour from orange to blue.

Why use Ozone

The use of ozone has long been a standard practice in industrial and public water purification plants, and large scale public aquarium filtration, as one of the best and most efficient means to increase water quality, while still being able to promote water conservation.   One of the biggest problems to overcome in these closed water systems is the accumulation of dissolved organic waste from various biological sources such as animal waste and decomposing food and plant material

How much ozone needs to be used, and is it safe for aquarium inhabitants.

The best way to monitor and control ozone is with the use of an opr monitor or controller.  ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential, and In terms of your aquarium water, it reads an electrical voltage in Milli Volts (mV) which measures the oxidation ability of the water.  As Ozone is applied the ORP level increases.  Natural sea water has an ORP value of 350-400 mV.  ORP levels of 200 or less in your aquarium are indicative of low oxygen, high dissolved organic, conditions.  By monitoring the ORP level in your aquarium, and maintaining it between 250-350mV, you can adjust your ozone dosage accordingly. Using an ORP controller simplifies this process to shut off you ozone generated at a desired ORP level

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