Aqua Medic Antiphos Fe Phospate Remover


Antiphos Fe is a phosphate remover and silicate remover

Antiphos Fe can be used in fresh and saltwater aquariums

Antiphos Fe is available in 500ml , 1000ml and 5000ml



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Aqua Medic Antiphos Fe Phospate remover is an ideal medium for selectively extracting phosphate and silicate from aquarium water, therefore counteracting unwanted algae growth.

Antiphos Fe is a highly active iron based product containing no aluminium and is completely non toxic to aquarium plants and animals.

The binding capacity of antiphos Fe is c. 10 g phosphate/kg.

Subject to the conditions 500 ml of antiphos Fe will treat a normally populated 300 l aquarium for approx 3 – 6 months.

Avoiding Algae problems

If you want to avoid algae problems, it is a good  idea to run a test on your tap water before water changes. If you already have an algae problem, your first step should be to test your tap water. If the test results show significant levels of phosphates or other algae inducing elements, your battle against algae will be challenging until they are reduced.

Most phosphate comes from three sources: tap water, fish food, and carbon. In the case of city water, the council may actually be adding it to protect its pipes. In well water, phosphates often come from the leaching of lawn and garden fertilizers.

To avoid unwanted phosphate levels, make sure no uneaten food is allowed to remain in the aquarium. 


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500ml, 1000ml, 5000ml



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