Aquael Turbo filter spare sponges


Spare sponges for the Turbo Filter
2 sponges per pack

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Aquael Turbo filter spare sponges

These filter sponges from Aquael are made of pheno  free sponge. They are an efficiant mechanical filtration media and so this means they will capture most visible impurities. The sponges will  also provide a breeding ground for beneficial nitrifying bacteria therefore supporting your biological filtration.

To keep your filtration working well regular maintenance is required . We suggest that you clean your sponges in removed aquarium water quite regularly . The duration of time between filtration changes will vary on many factors i.e how many fish you have in your aquarium , type of fish etc .

To avoid new tank syndrome on an established aquarium please do not change all of your media at the same time. If you have only one sponge in your filter we would recommend that you chop it in half and replace half at a time. In doing this you will ensure that you have a constant supply of good bacteria

There are 2 sizes of sponge available – one is for the turbo 500 and the other one fits the 1000,1500 and the 2000 .



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Filter Size

1000,1500,2000, 500



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