Algae Wafers


A complete and nutritionally balanced diet for Plecostomus and larger algae eating fish

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Algae Wafers by Fish Science

The algae wafers provide essential roughage therefore ensuring efficient digestion and also health
They contains 14% spirulina algae and so therefore recreates the natural algae based diet of these fish
The Wafers don’t dissolve which will allow natural grazing behaviour
Most noteworthy is that the wafer contains natural ingredients to support your fishes health including Beta Glucans, garlic and omega 3 oils

In conclusion this is a great food to feed your plecs

Feeding Instructions

We suggest that you Feed 1 – 2 times each day on as many wafers as your fish will consume in 20 minutes. Please take care not to over feed and try not to leave uneaten wafers in the aquarium .  Uneaten food may breakdown and pollute the water. If you have several plecostomus consider feeding at different positions in the tank so they can all therefore eat quietly.

Technical Details


Protein 42%, Oil 5%, Fibre 4%, Mositure 12%, Ash 8%


Vitamin A 24,000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 14,000 IU/kg, Vitamin E 300mg/kg, Vitamin C 120mg/kg


Vegetable protein extracts, cereals, yeast, algae (spirulina 14%), fish and fish derivatives, vegetables, garlic, molluscs and crustaceans, oils and fats, antioxidants

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